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the maternal bum bond , no soucis , chemical callum , roopy + ricki

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Had to sleep man. Got back home from a huge party at 2 in the afternoon, slept, got your text at 10pm and went back to sleep.

Missed the Maternals in all. Classic bunch.


No worries, we were two men down for that performance. No guitar or dj, so the sound wasn't as full. Having said that it was still amazing fun to play. Lots of 70'sesque funk synth playing, nice!

Maternals were good, as were Ricki and Roopy and Chemical Callum - great voice.

Anyway, catch the next one on 21st July. Maybe doing something on 29th with local MCs. If you;re free and up for doing something that would be cool. Fancy some sax over decks???

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