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Travel Passes in Europe

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Does anyone know what the travel pass in europe is where you can pay like 50 euro and get unlimited travel through na country?

Interrail pass is what you're looking for. It's a lot more expensive than 50 euro though. If memory serves me right, you're looking at 110 or so for 2 weeks in one country.

There might be passes available within parts of countries though - I know Flanders does a bus pass for very, very cheap for a year, for instance. Rail passes tend to be hideously expensive though for EU residents - but it should be noted that in certain countries, bus travel is ridiculously cheap, even long distance. You can get (for instance) tickets from Tallinn to Vilinus for about 10 quid, and local bus travel in the Baltic countries is only about 40p a ride.

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I'm off on a grand tour of Central Europe with some mates next week.

We were going to go interrail, but then the bastards changed the pricing system which means it's now only really worth it if you're away for a month, and want to visit a lot of countries.

We're taking in Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland in two weeks, and worked out it would be cheaper to just buy tickets as we go.

In a related topic, I have a European Train Timetable for 2007, RRP 16, yours for just 10!

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