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The Ghost Of Fudge

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THIS MONTH IN THE MOORINGS BAR, 2 trinity quay, off market st.

you know the one...

CLICK on the links for links, biogs and tunes!

sat 7 july @ the moorings bar



sat 14 july @ the moorings bar - FUDGENIGHT#99



sat 21 july @ the moorings bar - FUDGENIGHT100, and our 8th Birthday Party!



sat 28 july @ the moorings bar - FUDGENIGHT#101



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Saturday July 7th - 3 door

The Son Henry Electric Blues Band + The Real King Louie + Flameboy + Headlight

The Son Henry Electric Blues Band - www.myspace.com/sonhenry

The cynical old dog with a lap steel guitar and a volume problem brings his electric blues band back to The Moorings. Ex-Alaskan, now living in Scotland, Son Henry is, quite simply, a musician that lives and breathes the blues. This comes as no surprise to the legions of faithful, who know to turn out in all kinds of weather so they can be close to the musical fire generated every time this man picks up a guitar. In snowy Alaska, where the bars sometimes never close (and bartenders presumably weep) he's been know to enthral an audience until the sun-lit hours of the next calander month, when really they should’ve returned to their spouses and children or gone to work.

The Real King Louie - www.myspace.com/iammadeoutofglue

The Real King Louie are a local four piece making their Moorings debut, and are also the side project of Contra’s bassist Tom. The band have resolved to dedicate themselves to exploring and intertwining “smooth soul and reggae sounds with a Scottish edge,” so settle into the groove and let the jazz-slash-dub envelope you like a, err, big tartan blanket?

Flameboy - www.myspace.com/blackmatteraberdeen

As always, the Black Matter dudes were looking for a way to spice things up for themselves, and thought what better way than to cool down their molten metal and go for an unplugged set? Nirvana, Eric Clapton, Alice In Chains… they've all done it… Now add Black Matter’s Flameboy to that list.

Headlight - Headlight <Headlightmusic>

Stepping up to bat at short notice after a band pulled out last week, we have Headlight. They play acoustic-based rock/pop and can mainly be heard practising in the New Deer Church Centre. Rock n' Roll.

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I would again like to point out that I was pissed as hell when I was asked what to put on the poster as our name. It was either...

A) flameboy or

B) Drunken pish!

Flameboy sounded really cool :down:

flameboy is an ace name for the solo stuff. is it your own stuff? or will it be Black Matter stuff on acoustic? id imagine it be quite difficult to convert is this you?/devils eye onto acoustic no??

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swedish punk rockers APES IQ have sent me a box of their latest album to distribute to people i think deserve one and will come along to the gig. i've shifted a few already...

the remainder i will have with me on fri at moshulu and sat at the moorings. come say hi if swedes shouting "I'M ONLY IN IT FOR THE PUUUUUUSSY!" sounds like a blast.

so, aye, it's a proper album, and you can have one free.*

*until i run out

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