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Marshall JCM200, Gibson SG & some pedals For Sale

Guest Savant

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Guest Savant

I'm selling my Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 50

I've had it a few years and it's never once let me down. Prettymuch mint condition too - no major tears to the cover (I think there's a couple of little ones on the back).

400 ono


Gibson SG Special - 2003 (I bought it new in 2004). Black. No mods. Excellent condition - some buckle marks on back of guitar & a little chip off the side of the headstock - can't see the wood through it.

350 ono

Various pedals - JD Crybaby (needs some attention), Boss Digital Delay, MXR Distortion +, Boss Chorus, Digitech MultiFX unit. Offers. I'll need to check the model numbers for the boss & Digitech pedals.


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