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Kenetic + Signals + Thisfamiliarsmile + Free Korps

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Kenetic - www.myspace.com/keneticband

You may have heard of these chaps from the last Fat Hippy Records Sampler (Volume II), which lest we all forget, is very good and available now from One-Up Records. Kenetic are one of the most popular bands gigging in Aberdeen just now, so we expect this one to be packed. Perhaps you should cool down by sampling one of the bars many interesting beverages? Down a few pints of your chosen poison, neck a couple of Jagerbombs, and come bop around in front of the stage to some classic indie-pop with harmonies and tunes you can hum. Their debut single "Facing The North" is out on the 13th of August.

Signals - www.myspace.com/signalsmusic

Up-tempo rock from Glasgow, in the middle of a self-funded UK tour. Crazy bastards. Their music makes me want to click my fingers lazily while simultaneously playing frenzied air guitar. They have Nah, nah, nah-nah-nah, nah! bits, and I always think thats the sign of a quality pop group. And they have a new video on their Myspaz: the singer, it can be reported, has good hair.

Next up were Signals, who opened with a blistering amount of noise. Nestling between the Chillies and Muse they create a really full rock sound with a slightly darker edge. With lots of strong build ups the songs exploded with an intense energy - Live Music Direct

Thisfamiliarsmile - www.myspace.com/thisfamiliarsmile

Thisfamiliarsmile (one word please) are a four-piece band, also based in Glasgow, and also in the midst of a comprehensive (if completely different) UK tour. They enjoy playing rock music full of irregular timings and complex structures, yet they manage to keep their music cohesive and melodic. Thisfamiliarsmile have a healthy mix of influences that are evident from the moment the sound first hits your ears. We can hear At The Drive-In, Biffy and Aereogramme: see what you can come up with

Free Korps - www.myspace.com/freekorp

From the ashes of Then Came Music (who used to pack the Lemon Tree), Dave and Bri formed Free-Korps with new blood in the form of Steve on guitar and Sean on drums. Theyve finally recorded some tunes and are getting into the swing of things. Theyve had ups and downs along the way but luckily we've now got something to show for it, - and that something is Manchester-infused driving spacerock with a dancey beat.

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