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So, in the past year we've been using venues such as The Tunnels, Peacock Visual Arts, Woodend Barn, The Lemon Tree and Musa - and we're now looking for extraordinary ideas for extraordinary spaces to put extraordinary events in!

All suggestions welcome...

we're on the lookout for any smart buildings / rooms / spaces / huts / caves that you think are currently underutilised or could be good for putting on small imp events.

thanks in advance


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What about...

Top floor of Chapel Street Car Park/College Street Car Park (covered top floor, that is)

Railway Station concourse

The Moorings

Centre of the maze at Hazlehead Park

Aberdeen Airport

Aberdeen Ferry Terminal (or even onboard a NorthLink Ferry!)


Further afield..

Ranger information hut at Haughton Park in Alford

Lairig Ghru (or however it's spelt)

In a bothy somewhere in the Cairngorms

Balmoral Castle (no harm in trying!) - failing that, any castle in the North East

Any village hall along the coastline

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How about the park beside my house in Stonehaven? That way I could just open my window and not even have to leave my room. I'd save money on train fares, too. If you really insisted, I'm sure I could arrange to leave my entry fee on the grass of the park beforehand. I could try throwing it out of the window but it's be quite tricky.

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what about the street outside the tunnels? that could be fun.

how about an imp beach party at balmedie?

Mickel Mass played outside the Tunnels in March...it was a heap of fun!

How about...the Belmont Club, a random church hall (St Mark's, near the Theatre??) (I liked the IMP one at Queen's Cross Church). Or maybe in the Belmont Cinema (but in one of the actual Screen rooms, instead of the bar), Cowdray Hall, the Winter Gardens at the Duthie Park, Stonehaven Swimming Pool, the old dancehall underneath the now closed Fopp, downstairs at the Masada Bar (used to be called the Continental Lounge)??????

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The Continental Lounge (under the Masada) used to be a cosy wee place....I was a regular years ago when they had jazz nights with Hildie Grinstead (I think it was a Wednesday night). I haven't been in it since it was 'done-up' though, so I can't vouch for the current atmosphere. I think it gets used for private functions mostly ( and covers bands).

It certainly used to have an atmosphere which would have suited IMP gigs.

The dancehall under Fopp is owned by the same guy who leased the building to Fopp......it has a proper 'sprung' wooden dancefloor, and hasn't been used since the 1970s. If you look from Union Bridge (shut at the mo) you can see the building which housed it. I'd never hesard of it until recently...Steve (IMP regular and Fopp ass.t manager filmed some scenes there for his film which was going to be shown at the Lemon Tree a few months ago, ...Mickel Mass and Prof LoFi etc played, but for some reaon the film didn't get projected, despit working fine at the soundcheck).

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