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aberdeen record stores...


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Can anyone give me the names of record stores in Aberdeen that specialise in Vinyl LP's and would possibly buy 2nd hand vinyl?

I recently inherited a massive stack of records and as the music's not really my cup of tea I was hoping to sell most of them to fund my summer festival jaunts.

I'm already aware of the Cavern but I'm not too sure if they'll be interested in the stuff I've got. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.:up:

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Vinyl lps`

Yello my first post on this site. what sort of sound (generaly) they are. I`ve always found specialists shops that buy second hand from the "general public" (instead of record fayres ect) don`t always give a good deal. (and of course thwere are exceptions to this). I`m new to this forum but it might be the case you could offer them for sale on the various forums that are about

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