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Vocals Wanted!!!


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Alritey there people...

We are currently a 4-piece band, formerly called BloodLust as some may know. Our band consists of:

Rob Sinclair(me)-Guitars

Greig Shearer-Guitars

Mark Mathers-Drums

Jack Stuart-Bass

About a year ago our singer quit the band, well he wasnt much of a singer but he served his purpose. We are currently writing new material and looking to really put things into action this summer by putting a small album together.

We play music, thrash n have fukin fun! Its as simple as that, and basically we NEED someone to join our 4 some and complete the set-up !

Anyone who is interested in thrashing, jus comment me, or email to rob_04286@hotmail.com. You can alo get in touch with mark, greig or jack through my top friends link.



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