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[GIG] Aka-ska plus guests @ The Tunnels


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Do you wanna get off the street cos you're beginning to feel the heat?

The rockingest rocksteady beat of Aka-ska is ready. It's willing. And it's able to turn Aberdeen into a pile of skanking sweaty lunatics.

Bring it on!!

With support from local punk/ska outfit The Hijacks and DJ Dan, the Reggae Man.

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Quick update: the two sax players now have wireless mics, so more opportunity for dancing about like tubes! Huzzah!

Good work, it does make a difference eh! Still to convince the other two? Have you still got the music stands? Will look even better when you let them go too!

Good luck for the gig, I still hope to get down before you go on though!:up:


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ska related injuries

I really liked Pauline's dress, it was ace!!

I'm glad you liked the gig, it was really encouraging to see so many people make an effort despite the crap weather.

I was dancing like a loon, my calf muscles are stiff!!!

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