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repairs on effect pedals


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hahaha!! class. depends if i can get a hold of the schematic for the pedal.

i have scematics for most boss pedals and can usually fix them but i will let you know.

I started by modifying boss pedals after i got a few of the keeley ones. Its amazing the difference bewteen 2 pedals - one stock and the other with about a fivers worth of new caps and resistors!

I am no expert but fixed and modded a lot o pedals that were at deaths door so i may be able to help

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very funny - but i run off the mains :p

and i did try a battery. a new one. no luck. and i tried other power supplies, check guitar cables, etc.

i think i know what happened, i plugged my AC adapter into it on the wrong voltage and blew it up.

can that be repaired?

aah well i fixed a boss ce-2 that this happened with. unfortunately i can only do that with boss pedals and not electroharmonix! sorry but i dont think i could fix that one

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