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Aberdeen Priori Music


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Hi everybody,

I am a french student who come to Aberdeen to do a placement and I leave next week. I would like to come back with a lot of memento, and if possible with music I heard in clubs. Do you know the common songs which are play in the Priori ?

thanks in advance,


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Sorry I don't understand why, just want some souvenir. If you don't want, you're not obligated to answer.

sorry, just that the priory isn't the most popular of clubs on this board and i'm not overly confident that you'll get a positive response. i hope i'm wrong though.

i am afraid i have no idea what they play in the priory. i always thought it was fairly mainstream pop music and cheesy hits of the past.

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ok well in there they just play whatever is in the charts...

'the bonnie banks o loch lomond' as i said, pretty sure i've heard that in there at the end o_O don't know who sings that version of it.

also, they almost certainly play that proclaimers song '500 miles' which is also vaguely scotland related...

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