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Steven Milne

we (the little kicks) did a bbc radio 1 session , have a listen....

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hey peeps

we did two tracks on radio 1 last week to promote our upcoming slot at tinthepark and our selves in general!

you can listen until thursday i think, by following the relevant links

BBC - homepage - Home of the BBC on the Internet

then go to radio 1/ indie / vic galloway (click on his face) then little kicks in session link

anyway, we had fun and it went really well

the first track is "one more time" and unfortunately my guitar got messed up and didnt come through until halfway through and then it was a bit out of tune as i was overplaying slightly but the rest of the track is fine.

there is some brief chat before each track

the second track is "dont give up so easily" and it follows us trying to bribe vic galloway with butteries (yes, my on the spot banter is truly terrible) but the track itself came across good and the recordings were clean and well produced.

anyway, have a listen , see what you think,

our next gig is at tinthepark, maybe see you there


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BBC - Radio 1 - Vic Galloway

1st track is around 40 minute mark, 2nd track with Buttery Banter is around 1hr 10!

Good stuff, will try to catch you at T but by Sunday night you never know where I might be in terms of conciousness and coherent thought processes...

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