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Jayne Carmichael - Soprano


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Hi everyone

Following a very positive and welcoming reception from my recent support gig, I have now set up a myspace page.

This may be quite obvious to some people, but this is not a professional recording :-) It was recorded using a minidisc recorder which I set up during the start of one of my singing lessons. I just let it run for the duration, and then chopped up the songs using Total Recorder.

I would like to know what people think. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but I won't take any heed of people slagging me off just for the sake of it.




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I wouldn't say it was particularly annoying or ear-splitting, KimyReizeger. I like this kind of singing - I did find these recordings to be a little strained and "throaty" though...

I'd go with that - pitchwise there's no problems, you have a good enough ear. There's not a huge amount of power though, and your initial attack of the note can be a little wobbly. I'd maybe suggest working on opening up the sound, working the diaphragm and rounding out the notes to try for a warmer, richer tone.

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