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Bassist Available!

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Been playing for 2/3 years now. Been taking it serious for over a year.

Played/playing in a band called Psykotika which are a regular gigging band. Looking for a new challenge. Depending on how things go I am willing to be in two bands at once.

Interested Genres = Metal, Rock, Alternative, Maybe even a bit of flood of red type stuff. Won't go into a band any heavier than Killswitch. Some others that I cant think. I'm like the majority of music.

Have my own equip. Ashdown MAG 300 - 305w Combo. Cort C4 bass, Challlenge VP bass and a digitech effects pedal.

I'm 16..So I'm still attending School meaning tours is a no unless in holiday times. As I'm 16 the only transport I have is Bus, (Parents don't drive).

If you're interested Reply to this or Email me with an example the music you play in your band.


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