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Experienced Bassist looking to form/join band.


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I'm fuckin sick o sitting here in front of the tv watching/listening to shite:swearing:, i need something to do!

Any bands out there need a bass player?

I'm in a band just now (16Again) but we dont do enuff to keep me occupied,i love punk but i will play anything apart from country, death metal, funk.

Bands i like; rancid,sex pistols,clash,the jam,specials,joy division,garbage,iron maiden,killers,pigeon detectives,motorhead,editors,new order,foo fighters,muse, blah blah blah.

Original stuff or covers, 100 % commitment.

I've got my own gear (rickenbacker,fender,status,ashdown,trace elliot) and my own transport, been gigging for almost 20 years, check oot www.myspace.com/16again16 OR www.myspace.com/daviex .

Anyway, if you need a bass player (or want to start a Garbage or New Order tribute band) drop me an email at dghay96@hotmail.co.uk

or if you want a yap pop along to drummonds on sunday (24th june) 16 Again are one o the support bands for the UK Subs.


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