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Boss Micro-BR Digital Recorder


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Hey hey,

I've been thinking about getting one of these for a few weeks now, and I'd like some advice on them. They are only about 150 and the description on the boss website is pretty impressive. I'd just like some advice on if they are worth the money, good points/bad points, quality of recordings, ease of use, compatibility with PC's and whether or not its worth spending that extra bit on them.

I'd only be using it to record my ideas, acoustic recordings and possibly jamming an electric drum kit into it.

Any thoughts?



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One of the guitar mags reviewed it recently and said it was a cracker.

Their only complaint was that the controls were "fiddly". But what do you expect from a fag packet sized recording tool with more versatility and quality than we could ever have dreamed of a few years ago.

Just be careful you don't lose it down the back of a chair.

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I have one and it rocks! I bought it to capture those moments of inspiration and it is very impressive.

Four track recording, built-in microphone which gives good results, guitar jack in with incredible guitar FX and amp simulation, built-in drum machine which is very very useful, reverb send, computer connectivity via USB.

In my opinion it really is as good as it sounds. The only down-side I can think of is the "record one track at a time" limitation.

Search around the web for reviews - Sound On Sound definitely reviewed it (and liked it as I recall). From my perspective it is very highly recommended.

Hope this helps!


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