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Deizel Herbert for sale. POSSIBLY!!

Lame Guitarist

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not completely made up my mind yet but i may be selling a Deizel Herbert.

Just about to completely service and revalve it so if anyone is interested its open to offers.

They are roughly 2300 new and its usually a six month wait for a new one. (no stupid offers please cos they dont drop in value, had one pleb try to buy it off me for a grand!)

3 channel midi switchable amp head with amazing cleans on channel 1. channel 2 has more gain than you could ask for and has a gain cut switch to get nice plexi type sounds. Channel 3 is just plain OTT with the gain but is so smooth. mid cut feature on all channels.

Runs on 6 TAD preamp tubes and 6 Ruby STR EL34's

Has to be heard to be appreciated. Can be run with 6550's 6l6's, 5881, KT66 or EL34's or can have mixed pairs. Also has external bias control so its real quick to bias and doesnt involve opening the amp.

DIEZEL Guitar Amplification: herbert

the amp is just over a year old

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thats the problem am facing!! believe me i am looking for something the same calibre but not as compressed a sound, Thats the only flaw i think it has. i want something with a looser sound and more natural.

It is a lovely amp though - i am tempted to keep it but the wife will make me wait a few months to buy a new amp if i do!

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well after much delibaration i have finally made up my mind and the herbie is now up for sale to a good home!

Fully revalved

looks like it might be the bogner for me!

Have you tried the VH4?

It is definitely less of a compressed sound than the Herbert, and I know someone who ended up swapping his herbert for a Vh4 for this reason - although i'm guessing you fancy a change in manufacturer?

A bogner sounds like a good plan though!

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