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Catnips, Eric Euan, Five Finger Discount & Kuda the MC TONIGHT

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The 'Gigs & Events' entry for this show isn't all that eye-catching, so I thought I'd post a bit about it here:

Tonight, Thursday 21st June @ the Tunnels, in aid of a charity that all Blockbuster employees are compelled to support, see with your eyes:

Eric Euan!

Thundering Alt-Rock Titans Warp Reality

Bill Ely & the Catnips!

Despicable Thug-Pop Assassins Bring the Noise

Five Finger Discount!

Astounding DVD-core from the Depths of Nowhere

kUDA the MC & Friends!

Dark Agents of the Rapocalypse

As you can probably tell, this is pretty exciting. It will cost 3 for entry, doors will open at 8pm and the first band will be on at 8.30pm.

Proceeds go to Starlight Children's Foundation, which I think is dedicated to making the wishes of dying children come true.

Do your best.

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