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I'm a drummer! HI!!!! x2


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HOLY COW!8o Totally sorry, i didnt realise that threads lasted so long hehe,:dunce: the offer is still standing, still looking for a band or just experience, i took a few months out recently to get a job, earn some cash, finish school etc etc, basically to grow up hehe, how amusing. But I'm starting to look to play again.

So for those of you that repleid and i never got back to I@M SO SORRY!!!!, havent been on this in ages, actually started getting 'We miss you' emails, how very strange.?(

Am I rambling? anyway, So yeah for those who did reply and are stil interested just um, send me more details on the band you want to set up or whatever (is it obvious I'm noooooo good at these things? hehe) and I'll get back in touch, hopefully, forgot my password actually, how embarrasing.:O

I'll update it too,I'm 18 now, YAY :woohoo: and thats it really, still willing to play whatever really, even though i'm beginning to love the nu-metal style in playing, cos its so 'samey', hehe. (I know I'm weird for liking it) very odd reason why that obsession started. I'm not in any bands right now, very sad, very sad;(

right I'll leave it there because this is probably far too long winded for anyone to be bothered reading and if you did read it all, props to you! hehe, so get in touch and hope to hear from ya'll soon,

LATERS!!! :gringo: the return of the gringo!

oh and if my over use of the smilies is annoying, sorry, i liked them.

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