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hello, I'm Isla the new music programmer at the Lemon Tree.

Just wanted to say to promoters and bands alike: please feel free to get in touch with me on isla[@]lemontree.org about ideas for shows you'd like to promote, support slots you may be coveting, bands you desperately want to see play in Aberdeen, and all related subjects.

Look forward to hearing from folks, in the meantime here's a few of the shows we have coming up in the Lemon Tree over the next few months.


Friday 20th July The Kitchen Cynics (Shell Friday Live)

Saturday 21st July Big Country

Thursday 9th August The Earlies + Foxface

Thursday 30th August Catherine Feeny

Monday 23rd September Alabama 3

Weds 10th October Black Diamond Heavies

Weds 26th September King Creosote

Monday 15th October Pigeon Detectives

Wed 24th October Boredoms + Michael Gira

Thu 15th November New Model Army

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So does this mean the Lemon Tree might actually start getting some good bands again?

I am nothing but very positive in this area, suggest you keep checking The LT's new events, subscribe to their enewsletter.....

BOREDOMS is a totally fantastic sighting shot, don't you think?

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Guest idol_wild

Blonde Redhead

The Twilight Sad


Explosions In The Sky

Frightened Rabbit

Sonic Youth

Parts & Labor

The Notwist

Book them and they will come. :gringo:

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That would be immense gigs to see if they could happen..buckcherry might be a little too big for the lemon tree though id reckon.

Possibly, but then it depends if folk would travel to see them or not. I just want the chance to 'accidently' walk in on Danko's dressing room :love:

There's a bit of a gap in the brochure and you can see the time period from Andy leaving and Isla starting is a bit bare, but it's looking good so far. Got Alabama 3 back for a start and they were immense last time they played.

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Joanna Newsom would be amazing.

I'm seeing her at the Royal Albert Hall in September which may indicate she might be slightly too big for the Lemon Tree. I think the Albert Hall gig is more due to the nature of her sound than her popularity though, stranger gigs have happened.....

I'd also like to second the Regina Spektor and Rilo Kiley suggestions, although I think they're both artists that probably suffer from the "too big for Lemon Tree/Moshulu but too small for The Music Hall" syndrome.

Oh, and I quite fancy seeing The Cribs aswell, just been listening to some of their new stuff and enjoying it lots.

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