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or good.

I disagree actually. The songs are pretty formulaic and repetitive but they're far from bad. I quite like them for what they are, though admittedly i am not a fan of that sort of music really. I prefer my ambient music along the lines of Cinematic Orchestra or Caspian.

The internet 'persona' is pretty laughable though. I've read some schtick in my time but that Biog section is full on Gorgonzola.

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badly chopped samples, weak drums, weak synth sounds, this is generally just pretty insipid and forgettable.

p.s boards of canada aren't the be all and end all of this genre, and there a million and one soundalike wannabes

Pretty understandable really. Thanks for setting a standard, one which is hard to get among the muso back-scratching and cyber high-fiving of myspace. In my defence - I'm relatively inexperienced, generally improving and subsequently find identifying where your comments lie not particularly difficult (kind of like a lazy restaurant manager who knew he would get found out sooner or later, but was happy to keep skiving off anyway). I must've been listening to BoC at the time I made a couple of those and am happy to know that nothing I've made recently imitates them so blatantly!

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