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Huxley - Brave New World


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I tried reading this for the third time the other day. I find it really boring. He spends too much time laying down the circumstances of the world, really blatantly creating the impression of an alternate reality which is naturally abhorrent to us in this reality, with little story.

The entire first half seems to just keep asserting this point, building up 'the picture', laying the foundations. It may well be a 'good' point, but there is no entertainment in BNW, something I feel the best novelists can imbue their message with - 1984 surely being the most effective and enlightening example I can draw in this context.

So feel free to give me a new way to read this book. I felt this was a relevant post due to the fact that Brave New World is generally well read and liked, and I have personally found lots of good things in his essays.

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If you find it boring why the hell are you reading it for the 3rd time?

I really liked brave new world but thought it hadn't aged very well.

By that I just meant I've been sporadically picking through it, but not really getting anywhere. And, - as stated - because I like some of his other stuff; it's a 'classic'; playing it off against 1984 is a worthy discussion point. Huxley stated that he thought his was a better read.

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