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Muse at Wembley last night (17th)


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Was the most amazing gig I have ever witnessed!

First band were Shy Child - on record this band sound phenomenal, but live i think they were a bit too small for wembley - the songs just died, and they ended up sounding so samey and boring for the duration of their set.

Biffy Clyro made it a bit better, they opened with 57 which is always good - but after about three songs they also disappeared into background noise, a shame because they started really brightly.

My Chemical Romance were surprisingly very good - I wasnt expecting much but they put on a hell of a show! Very good fun, but Gerard's speech about depressed teenagers was a bit out of place. Got away with it, though.

And Muse.....just owned EVERYTHING. EVER. The stage set up was spectacular, the lights would have been better if it had got dark a bit earlier, but were really good all the same! I cant wait for the DVD of this show to be released...


Heres the setlist for the 17th, didnt go to the 16th.

Knights of Cydonia


Supermassive Black Hole

Map of the Problematique

Forced In

Sing For Absolution

Butterflies & Hurricanes



Apocalypse Please

Feeling Good



Time Is Running Out

New Born

Encore 1:

Soldier's Poem




Encore 2:

Plug In Baby

Stockholm Syndrome

Take A Bow

(but for those interested, here is Saturday's set)

1- Knights of Cydonia

2- Hysteria

3- Supermassive Black Hole

4- Map Of The Problematique

5- City Of Delusion

6- Butterflies and Hurricanes

7- Citizen Erased

8- Hoodoo

9- Feeling Good

10- Sunburn

11- Invincible

12- Starlight

13- Man of Mystery

14- Time is Running out

15- New Born

16- Soldier's Poem

17- Unintended

18- Blackout

19- Plug in Baby

20- Micro Cuts

21- Stockholm Syndrome

22- Take a Bow

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why not just play for the full time..then really the time wasted going off and on can be used to add more songs in

Given how energetic they are though, they might not manage to physically do it justice.

On a related note, my flatmate spent the whole of monday being sick as a result of eating some dodgy food from Wembley, so not impressed there.

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