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Snafu on Tuesdays

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Unknown to me until just a few months ago Snafu has a weekly Open Mic night every Tuesday. It's mostly local comedians trying out new material, but sometimes they have guest compares and comedians. First time I went I thought it'd be pretty tosh, but it was actually really funny (although some folk are much better than others).

It's 3 entry, or 2 for students / if you sign up to the website and get the password each week. Definately a decent way to spend a Tuesday night.

C o m e d y - C a p e r s . . . Comedy Portal . . . Aberdeen - Home

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I've heard bad things about the Snafu comedy night...

You've heard wrong my friend, I've been going for a couple of months now and I'd rate it pretty highly (and that's not including me). Of course there's going to be new folk who aren't quite as funny but everyone's got to start somewhere.

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