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New discussion board - FAO stripey, empty words etc

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I'm involved in a new discussion forum based around the type of forum that stripey and empty words are usually involved in. no offence to either of you..... i always find such threads very interesting to read and post in.

Basically, i'm here to whore the site and drum up members. this is the first 'advertisement' we have done so far, the only members are the people involved in creating/running the site. please check it out at least the once and if you dont like it you dont have to go back. the sign up is reeeeeeealy easy if you do find it to your liking.

the main idea is that there are very few rules to posting. the kind of threads that get closed within an hour or two of being open here are the ones we're looking for. if you're already member of aberdeen-music then please sign up with the same username for continuity's sake.

so if like stripey, stuartmaxwell and empty words you often find yourself in a thread that is closed by the mods or full of controversy and heated arguments head over to:

The Great Digital AIDS Scandal - Half Baked Rants Abound

where you're always welcome........ish.

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