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got 20 minutes to spare? - fill them with music!

The Ghost Of Fudge

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some bands want to play the moorings... this is always the case...

so if you have a spare moment and want to hear some new bands, click on the following links and maybe let me know which bands you'd prefer to see in the moorings bar...?

some are good, some are shit, take a drip and see what you think!

BOLTDOWN - www.myspace.com/boltdown

EXIT BY NAME - www.myspace.com/exitbyname

RSJ - www.myspace.com/rsj

WAKING THEO - www.myspace.com/wakingtheo

HYENA BREED - trig.com/hyenabreed

RED SNOWMAN - www.myspace.com/redsnowman

LIFE AMOUNG PEOPLE - www.myspace.com/lap

YOSHI - www.myspace.com/yoshimuzic

DORP - www.myspace.com/dorp

VWF - www.myspace.com/vwf

EL GUAPO - www.myspace.com/weareelguapo

SOMEONES SONS - www.myspace.com/some1sons

SWEET CHIN MUSIC - www.myspace.com/goldenaxevspluto

RESONATE - www.myspace.com/reso

(there you go, that'll pass some bored moments hopefully)

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