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Fast Caz

Iced Earth - Overture Of The Wicked Ep

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1.Ten Thousand Strong 3:54

2.Prophecy 6:00

3.Birth Of The Wicked 4:31

4.The Coming Curse 8:00

For fans of : Judas Preist : Iron Maiden : Anything remotely Metal


Riffs Riffs Riffs :popcorn:

This ep makes me wish i had my long hair back

All the songs are equally edam worthy but the band have came back with their most powerful songs yets.

I cant fault this e.p at all.

One of the few recent metal releases that has got me moist in my undergarments

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Was that CD recorded before or after the (classic lineup) singer had a mid life crisis with some vauge relation to 9/11 and left?

Is new singer up to job?

Why on earth is old singer singing for pyramaze and not iced earth now?

Why do singers keep leaving things, such as pyramaze?

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