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Origin Sat 23rd June at Tunnels


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origin noun - 1 the point where something begins or arises.

2 a persons social background or ancestry. 3 Mathematics a fixed point from which coordinates are measured.

ORIGIN Latin origo, from oriri to rise. (vey small writing underneath Origin)


Dj Tez

Mark Finnie, established 1970, has a musical history that is unrivalled on the local scene. He has djed in

many a foreign country such as Mexico, Norway, Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium and England. He has been involed in

successful club nights such as TNT, Audio Assault, Breaks Beats and Basslines, Playground, Jungle Nation, Origin and Planet.

He has played alongside such luminaries as Goldie, Scratch Perverts, Jungle Brothers and Dj Yoda to name a few.

Apart from djing he has been successful on the production front having had several releases on Aberdeen labels

Hook and Aquatrax. He is a regular on MeFm and has a weekly show on Shum Fm.

Dj Tez is founder and resident at Jungle Nation and who has been a regular on the Aberdeen and Scottish scene since

the early 90's. He is better known for djing dnb but can play a variety of styles ranging from hip hop to techno.

He has played all over the uK and also ventured abroad to the USA and Czech Republic. Tez has djed alongside

legends such as Public Enemy, Pendulum, Dj Hype, Grooverider and Q-Bert to name a few. He is currently doing a radio show

with Shmu Fm and also a regular on MeFM. He has been involved in many nights over the years such as TNT, Playground, Slamfunk,

Block Rocking Beats, Origin and Break Beats & Basslines to name a few. Production releases include Oh Records,

Pidgeon Project and VIP Records.

Tez and Finnie are looking forward to establishing a regular clubnight at the Tunnels with its excellent design

and atmosphere which reminds them of the Arches in Glasgow and Cargo in London.

Saturday 23rd June 2007

Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen

11pm - 3am

Entry 3



Catch Tez & Finnie Show on Shmu community media productions every Tuesday 7pm - 9pm

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