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How we are now exhibition

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There's an exhibition of British Photography on at the Tate just now called How We Are and it's accompanied by the How We Are Now exhibition of contempory photography. It's in a couple of stages. The first stage is an open exhibition showing photo's submitted to their flickr group on rotation then 40 are selected to be shown in the second stage of the exhibition. You can submit 4 photo's and there are 4 seperate categories.

Tate Britain | Current Exhibitions | How We Are: Photographing Britain: How We Are Now

Flickr: How We Are Now

It's quite cool that I can actually say i've had work displayed in the Tate now, no matter how briefly :)

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Well done man, awesome pics.

i don't think there's much quality control in the open exhibition, you just submit them to the group then they appear in the slideshow. i don't hold out much hope of getting into the second stage really.

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