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Where about is the casino in aberdeen? I may be havering but I swear I heard that one had been built and I haven't seen it yet.

There is 3 casinos that i can think of. International is down on Market St, Gala is by Pizza Express (can't mind the street name) and Soul have just opened one.

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I was at a poker tourney held at The Metro a few months ago.

It was organised by a friend of one of the guys I work with.

25 buy in and no further buys , 2000 chips, 72 punters, winner takes all. I think the pot was 1,500 after expenses. Brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Aye, it's great fun. When i did mine the first 2 hour period was re-buys. Soome folk were re-buying like 20 times, i couldnt understand it. The last hand before the period end i got knocked out so just had to re-buy. The tourney ended at about 4am.

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