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Beat up P or J-bass (Fender/Squier) or just the body

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Hi everyone

I'm looking to get a project going, so I'm looking for a Fender or Squier Precision or Jazz bass. I'm really only after the body at this stage, so if anyone has a battered old Squier lying around unloved, or a Fender Mex with a warped/broken neck, non-functional electronics, no pickups or anything else and want rid of it, let me know. As long as the body is reasonably whole (dings aren't a problem, they'll fill).

Must be Squier/Fender, to make sure that other parts will fit OK later :)

More beat up the better, we're talking a couple of steps up from firewood here - if it's a whole bass, less temptation for me to keep it as-is wink.gif

Looking to spend no more than 100 and preferrably less - it's an experiment.

Anyone got anything I could use?



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Aye aye fits this new project then Matt? Fender eh? :popcorn:

Can't believe no one's got one for you. There are tonnes of them aboot. I've seen a couple of straight oota tha clubbie P's being gigged recently. They'd be as well taking your 100 squids and putting it towards something proper. :D

While I'm here - I've got a really good no dings fretted neck if ur interested (came from a Encore P) It was sold as a 22 fret but turned out to be a fecking 20 :rolleyes: As you know I likes my dusty end so it ain't going on my beast. I meant to return it but never got round to it. Ken fit like.

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