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Musical Goods - Sale - Headrush Pedal

Steven Milne

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hey peeps,

I have the following for sale,


looping device championed and used by such luminaries as Alan Cynic, KT Tunstall and other people! Has heaps of settings including echo , reverb and basic loop function (up to 30 seconds) , anyway ill post more accurate details but its fucking cool!

Im only selling because i dont need it anymore, I have only used it in my flat, it comes with box/ adaptor/ original manual and is in immaculate condition!

These things go for 140plus new apparently and they go for about 120 pn Ebay so ill take 100 for mine!

Akai Headrush E2


Delay, Echo and Looping Recorder Effects Pedal - Following on from where the award-winning E1 left off, the new E2 Headrush delay pedal brings delay, tape echo simulations and a looping recorder in one convenient pedal.User selectable delay options allow for maximum control of signal output and include several real-time timing and level adjustment selections as well as feedback level for repeats.HEADRUSH can also simulate a 4-head analog tape echo machine and it is possible to set the spacing between these 'virtual' heads to create complex multiple delays and repeats.

You can also set the decay characteristics of these heads. Furthermore, the outputs of each of these virtual heads appear on individual outputs for ultimate flexibility when used with an external mixing console.

The LOOPING RECORDER mode allows you to record and overdub layer after layer of sound in real-time making the HEADRUSH an unbelievable live performance tool.

Depending upon which mode is selected, the left footswitch controls the on/off and play/stop functions while the right footswitch sets the tap delay time or recording and overdub options. The LED display indicates which effect in use and blinks in time showing the delay time selected.

Key Features:

16-bit Digital Delay - Delay time from 0.5ms to an astonishing 35 seconds maximum*

Tape Echo mode with four individual outputs for each head

Looping Recorder with overdub mode - Powerful tool for solo performances

HEAD GAP adjusts the delay time between the heads

HF DAMP simulates an analog delay sound

FEEDBACK sets the feedback level for repeat times

RATIO allows adjustment of wet and dry mix

Real-time delay control - sets delay time by tapping footswitch twice

I can easy meet up and show a demonstration but all the info can be found online here:

Millennium Music Software: -> Akai Headrush E2

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