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[GIG] Pondlife @ Kef

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Righto Damselflies and Dragonflies,

Pondlife is back with something a little different for June time.

The buzz on the lillypad is that kidProquo and Giles Walker are joining up music and technology of old and new to bring you a four table, one on one turntabilist adventure.

All music genres from many years shall be crafted together through four tables, Serato, Ableton Live, A Kaoss Pad 3 and of course these renowned party DJ's.

Check their reviews from top DJ magazine's


"I told you once. If you come round here with that sodding pad asking about two blokes I don't give a f**k about, you're going through that window!!!".

Andrew Harrison - Editor

DJ Mag

"A fink I've 'eard of 'em. Abadeen, where's that, is it a club ow summing?!.

Yeah whatever, 5 stars, top blokes, scratchin' and all that guff".

David Eserin - Tech/TV Editor

Yoga Magazine

"This is a yoga magazine you idiot. What?, no I don't give a damn about clubbing. Getting into strange positions and farting around women is my thing".

Yogi Dr Malik - Editor

So come on down to Pondlife on Saturday the 23rd of June. All the tadpoles are doing it.

Pondlife is brought to you by the good man DJ Andy Torrance


Saturday 23rd June

10pm - 3am

3 entry





Good 'een



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Shame indeed.

I'm sure it'll happen at some point. It's not my shindig, it's Andy Torrance that does Pondlife which is usually breaks and such like.

RadioSkool's always got the same sort of deal your after, should be a thread popping up today.

Music's pretty mixed. Hip-hop, funk, reggae, dancehall, electro etc. all mixed, scratched and messed with by A'La Fu and myself.

Good 'een


Infact there it is just popped up from the realms of the moderators quarantine.

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