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Steven Milne

DHC - thursday 7th june - V-2 SCHNEIDER plus support (tinthepark act) for 3

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V-2 Schneider plus support

T-Break heroes play the dirty hearts club on thursday

with support tbc

V-2 Schneider , formerly THEE COMRADES have supported

So Far!!!


I Was A Cub Scout

Blood Red Shoes

Pigeon Detectives

Driveby Argument

We Are The Physics

The band have also supported top names including The Kooks and El Presidente, and have shared stages with rising stars such as Clor, Young Knives, Kubichek!, Good Shoes and Envelopes.

And feature on I Fly Spitfires Records Second 7" single release

Previously as Edinburgh based indie-pop quartet Thee Comrades, the V-2 boys formed much like any other band through a mutual love of music and a chain of tenuous associations realised over a lengthy period of time, with plenty of dodgy line-ups and dodgy hair cuts along the way.

When it finally all fell in to place in early Summer 2004, the songs began to flow easily and the band rapidly built up a good live reputation around the city.

Just over a year later, the band won the first of many accolades when they aced the T Break Competition, scoring themselves a much-coveted slot at T in the Park.

In August of that year, they were invited by organisers to perform at the Edinburgh Festival, as part of the Best Of T Break night.

Meanwhile, their demo was being chosen as a winner in the Fopp Unsigned Competition a victory that would see their debut EP recorded and released by Fopp in stores nationwide.

The band have also been selected as one of thirty finalists in the 3 Student Music Awards, which saw them perform a live showcase headlined by Dogs, and a live performance video filmed in London that is available to stream from the 3SMA website.

Thee Comrades' active interest in the current music scene led them to heavy involvement in local indie nights. Front man Ewan Santer is a part of the much-touted I Fly Spitfires team responsible for a monthly night in Edinburgh's Cabaret Voltaire that has recently become affiliated with the swiss army knife of modern music - Drowned In Sound.

They have also made a few trips out of the comforts of the Scottish Central Belt, with shows in Newcastle, Liverpool and London's Borderline and Dublin Castle.

Their tracks regularly get played by local radio DJs and in February they recorded a live session for Radio 1, which aired on Vic Galloway's show. They also had their demo selected out of the mountain recieved by Steve Lamacq which was played on his show nationwide.





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My bad

i double booked V-2 and Katie Sutherland and it only makes sense to have one out of town act on the night out of the two bands

So i rearranged Katie for another night, and she will be headlining an accoustic night with other local people at another date

i also realised that accoustic acts at DHC dont always work as people stream in at 11.30pm / 12pm drunk and talk over them (amber playing after the macabees gig at tunnels was a prime example)

so aye, she isnt playing but will be at some point, shes ace

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Guest Keira

Man, I love V-2 Schneider (more so Thee Comrades) and I am quite happy that they don't get too much recognition considering if they did then I would never get to see them in nice small venues.

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yeah, they put out a 7 inch with drive by argument a while back for spitfires records

Add to this line up Mr Felix Darcy

so times are as follows:

10.30pm - Felix Darcy

11.15pm - V-2 Schneider

DHC DJs - 12pm till 2am

All for 3


and ill be giving out free passes (yes , FREE passes ) fot the Little Kicks and South Central night the week after!!! just ask at the DJ booth

see you there

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Steve, i went and saw Katie last night in Glasgow. Incredible voice. Also met her manager John Gallagher who said he knew you.

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