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I think it's shite that the BBC (as far as I'm aware the only channels that gets paid for directly from the rediculously high TV license) can't afford to keep one of their most popular shows.

Doesn't really bother me that it's Neighbours though, as I don't watch it, but I will miss salivating over Carmella's pretty - non-burnt - face... if she makes it out of the car bomb!!!

Biggest question, what will replace it?

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don't know if this has been covered previously in this thread but remember when fraser and paul were competing for rosie's affections. well we actually had fraser uttering the word 'fucking' at tea time.

surprised there wasn't a bigger fuss about it really.

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Rosetta is fiery though!

Plus...Fraser digs her. If he digs her, I dig her.

You're right, though I'd be hard pushed to choose between Rosetta or Carmela - don't suppose I'll ever have to.

Did anyone else feel sorry for big Ringo when he moved in on Rachel the other day and she reacted like he'd just killed a dozen baby kittens? She's hot and cold, that one...

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At first I thought it was that and thought it must've been a fake, but then i listened properly and you can hear frickin, although there still should've been a bigger fuss as just by listening to it it sounds like fucking. If you read the comments on teh video some austrailians have said it's frickin.

Ringo is second only to Fraser in terms of coolness btw.

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Left a video diary type thing. Gaaaaaaaaaaaay.

I was quite amused when the ambulance was driving away with him, the only person who looked vaguely upset was Rachel's new squeeze, he was blubbing away and everyone else looked quite nonplussed.

Hahaha! That's what I was thinking. He was wailing like a newborn, while Rachel was looking distinctly unimpressed by the whole charade.

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