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Bebo troubles?

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yo this could be pretty stupid but...

i use bebo, i use it for talkin with mates i dont see anymore (or when i cant afford to call/text)

i dont always use msn because its a bitch and rarely sends messages.

my problem is that as of a now (it seems) i dont have a profile on bebo...my memberships canceled (even though i havent done this). this is the 2nd bloody time this has happend.

I dont actually have some peoples email addresses, so i cant just create yet another one and add them. This is really starting to piss me off. There was no porn or copyright things on my bloody profile.

Any idea what i can do? or am i screwed and need to go searching to find all the people i talk to again?

please no one suggest "use myspace or msn" etc. i did have a myspace but none of said mates actually use it.

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Have you tried contacting them to find out whats happened to your account?

cheers for the reply. I did that too :) last night. the bebo people replied and said id actually canceled it. so i'd been hacked. They reactivated the page. all comments etc still there, just no friends there.

just having to go find everyone again.

cheers again.

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