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Tribute Bands ??????

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im looking in to putting a monthly tribute act on at live @theboardroom as tribute acts are somthing new to me im looking for imput here from all you music lovers out there.

what kinda tributes would you like to see.

do you know any local tribute acts that you have seen or heard (they dont have to be local but i would prefer to support the local bands)

so guys and girls help me help you tell me what you want to see and ill try and get it for the venue.

cheers Timmy :up:

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Guest DustyDeviada

Are Spinal Pap still on the go? I know Dave is in LA with Driveblind obviously, but are the others still around?

Other than them I would like to see a Dire Straits tribute band. :up:

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ABDC are an excellant tribute band they share the same promoter as Cheap Purple who are a decent tribute band as well

Don't they play in Drummonds heaps though?

Spinal Pap only did a one off show I thought. Don't know about all the members, one is still here (in The Needles no less) and Chris is heading to Canada soon, so I'd imagine that would be a no.

Someone was asking after a Kiss tribute band a while ago, which would be awesome, but I don't think there is such a thing...yet.

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