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Samsung 28" telly & other gubbins


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My parents have bought a new telly and are selling their old setup.

It's a silver 28" widescreen Samsung television -it's nae an LCD or plasma - rather one of the last "flat screen" tubed televisions which came on the market which is actually still under guarantee and is in pretty much mint condition. It comes with it's own stand (also silver), a matching DVD player (nae a bad DVD player as well) and a matching VHS recorder. There's also a freeview box (I'm sure it's a Thompson) that's also silver.

They are looking for 175.

It's all in pretty much brand new condition. They live in Dyce but if any of you Forum Buddies want it who don't have transport I could pick it up and drop it off with you in town.

Would be ideal for students or indeed anyone looking for a cheap, reliable telly complete with DVD, video and freeview.

PM me if you're interested.



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