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choices for life


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if anyone has a sibling in p7 they should hear about this.

im on my work placement helping out at it and currently in inverness

its basically a big show for kids about anti drugs etc but pop bands play at it including Bel's boys and Lil' Chris

exciting stuff

keep an eye out in the news anyhoo. its in aberdeen next week

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

ace, my wee brother was probably gonna turn to drugs but i'll let him know about this...don't suppose it's a christian thing is it?

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Guest DustyDeviada

Ha. Sounds like that South Park episode where their school does an event like this on smoking and all the kids start smoking immediately as a result.

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it aint christian at all.

its the drugs inforcment agency

lil chris has fucked off to LA so aberdeen wont get to see him.

they do research and apparently it works.. doesnt seem to work on the crew though. ive been drunk all week long.

just back from the inverness dates. got the AECC this week and SECC next week which is going to be fun to work at

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