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[GIG] Edgar Prais + Static In The City + The Phoenix Band @ The Tunnels

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im heading down to see edgar prais,enjoyed the set in brighton,then defo staying for two vicars club night,hi 5 alive are ace!

"To sum this lot up in one sentence... A party with a glaswegian accent guaranteed to make you smile. They have songs filled with jangly guitars and real lyrics and wee funny sections thrown in there for good measures. They even have a ska vibe about them. I expect great things of this band and judging by their gig dates and song plays i guess everyone else does too. Keep an eye on these boys or listen out for thier songs at a party near you."

"Hi 5 Alive are one of Glasgow's hottest bands at the moment, the one that everyone is scrambling over each other to get near. Listening to 'Friday Nights' on their myspace you can see the attraction and while their indie-rock sound isn't exactly a new one, their passion seeps through on songs that will doubtless drag you onto the dancefloor. The three-piece have played just about every venue in the city at least three times over, so it's no wonder that everyone has grown to love them - after all, it's hard to go for a night out without seeing one of them roaming around Sauchiehall Street. With a stack of gigs lined up for the rest of the month, you're bound to catch them somewhere."

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