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[CLUB] Elizium - Saturday Night Out For The Living Dead @ The Tunnels

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Shambling, living corpses are poised to claw themselves free of their earthy graves and devour their way to:

ELIZIUM - Saturday Night Out For The Living Dead

A previously unreported side effect of ELIZIUM hydrochloride has come to light Prolonged bouts of death followed by what scientists are describing as a partial recovery. The press are calling it the rise of the dead, soulless hundreds swarming to the streets as a plague of the previously deceased.

With only one thing on their mind, these lurching miscreants are dragging their zombified bodies along to the epicentre of the disaster:


Carnegie Brae


11pm till 3am - 3

Once there, who knows what will happen? Some sort of disco for the dead? Beats from the crypt? Distraught, blood-curdling calls for Braaaains? Maybe a battle cry for Zooombie Girrrrl? Or will the only sound we hear all night be Zombbbiiina and the Skeeleetoooones. That one from the Elusive CD please, because its dead good? Only one things for sure, if they recreate that dance from the Thriller video well be forced to call in the army.

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