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Sam 45

A few words that were said about us....

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Papa Promotions put is in their top 5 bands of the week. This is waht was said...

Level Four

Just a few weeks back I was complaining how there is no good British guitar bands like Hundred Reasons, My Vitriol and Hell Is For Heroes but I have found the act that can change my view on my complaint. They are called Level Four they make great that great indie pop rock that the uk music market is missing just now. Well I think the only bands that are similar just now are The Enemy and Komakino. So that's only two out of what should be hundreds even thousands. Back to the band these chaps songs sound that good that you just now they'd be amazing live all the songs have sing-along qualities with them ranging from little quirky pop numbers right through to the anthem that is "Walking on Glass". My Favourite is though Furtherance its got good vocals, guitars and brilliant vocals that sound Scottish. Theirs to many bands nowadays that don't sound like where there from which a shame. So its good to see home grown talent like this. Im looking forward to seeing this band live now after hearing them and after listening to them im sure you will too.


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