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The Ghost Of Fudge

Element 106 + Jackie Treehorn + Crashdown + Decipher

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Element 106 - www.myspace.com/e106 - Five-piece metal band from Aberdeen. Personnel changes and usual obstacles/challenges aside, they are ready to rip... The best is yet to come though as they continue to move up through their gears. Listen as the heavyness gets heavier and the melody gets more melodic. They just want the music to do the talking from now on.

Jackie Treehorn - www.myspace.com/jackietreehornmusic - Return of Livingston-based funk-stoners. Jackie is under the influence of mind altering sub-stances, and influenced directly by Black Crowes, Mastodon, Kyuss, QOTSA, Pearl Jam, Pantera Down, Tomahawk, Rush, Led Zep, Soundgarden & Tool.

Crashdown - www.myspace.com/crashdown - Crashdown have played over 100 shows in the UK and Europe engaging audiences with their own brand of fast punk, blending blistering speed with passionate breakdowns, funk and ska.Their unique sound has been developed over years of shows, tours and recordings. We have shared the stage with the likes of Caffeine, My awesome compilation, 4ft Fingers, Krasty, Whitmore and Five Knuckle.

Decipher - www.myspace.com/decipherpunx - Founded back in the late Naughties, the band did very little initially, before playing covers for a while. That got boring, so they eventually tried writing some of their own songs again, and started gigging irreguarlly two years ago. They play pop-punk.

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am I like there fucking Aberdeen PA guy? NO!!! How about ya check yer emails or myspaz messages and mail them... Or check the cd for contact details...

I tell ya... Try and do a band a favour and folk just take the piss! heh:love:

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