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Trying my luck...

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Hey people, me again. :-)

So about me.... I'm influenced mostly by the bands i listen to, so there's the list:

Yngwie Malmsteen, Classical Music, SBS, Judas Priest, Manowar, Helloween, Hammerfall, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kiss, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Michael Angelo Batio, Spinal tap... and few more that I can't remember :-)

I'd like to play something from classic rock (smth like kiss) to heavy metal Judas Priest, Hammerfall or a mixture of that, whatever :) These are just examples...

What I hate are: Growlers(guys that can't sing) :] and really harsh music.

What I like: People learning to sing properly! And proper music! :]

Oh dear , forgot to mention that I love eddy van halen :))

I shouldn't waste time writing a post, but just thought to try my luck :D

And thats a little recording made today:


If you can't hear it, it's up here too!

YouSendIt - File Sharing Transfer Delivery - PC FTP Replacement

Still looking for better tone, can't get used to the processor

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