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Jeremy Kyle?


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Guest bluesxman

My better half is obsessed with watching it, I saw a few episodes when on paternity leave. It's bollocks but amusing. He always makes me think of Alan Partridge, I think it's the over the top outrage and insincerity that does it....my favourite one I saw recently was a young lad who beats up his granny to get money to buy cannabis, Kyle's line -

"Stop beating up your Gran and I'll make your landscape gardening business dream come true"

Such reward for one so deserving...o_O

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haha i love jeremy kyle. he's always been there, done that, worn the t-shirt...

"you're 15 and pregnant and you don't know who the dad is and you're addicted to heroin and you smoke 40 a day and down a litre of vodka with your corn flakes? i've been there, i know how you feel, my sister was pregnant once...."

i've heard a lot about him being a dick on half tonne hospital but i'm never in to see it...

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