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Christ. + The Jinx + Herzog @ Peacock Visual Arts, 16th June

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interesting music promotions present:


Peacock Visual Arts, 21 Castle Street, Aberdeen AB11 5BQ (01224) 639539

Saturday 16th June / Doors 8pm / Entry 6




From an early age christ. has been a musician. His supposed collaborations in his formative years at school and early 20s are well documented, suffice to say that at the current point in time, determining the original source of cross-pollinated styles is futile. Since his first solo release proper in 2002, he has proved to be as individual and creative as the next guy, forging a unique path of musical beauty that escapes derivation. Can much more be said? What's the point? christ.'s expert layers of melody, broken beats and textures say pretty much everything, and along with his popularity as a formidable live act, he is a rare breed indeed.





Four local lads when on stage usually seen employing eight knees with lots of organic electronic sounds, lots of beats, lots of looks, lots going right, lots maybe going wrong, lots of potential and lots of enjoyment. Come along and support them....lots.


For Herzog, what's left out of the music is just as important as what's put in: resonances are left to their own devises and crystalline textures are allowed to evolve at their own pace. Touchstones include the laptop folk of artists such as Ogurusu Norihide and the delicate acoustic textures of Colleen.


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Some blurb on christ and Benbecula Records...

Christ.'s second album was released in January 2007, on both CD and limited double vinyl format. Here are just some of the reviews that praised the album worldwide.

"Blue Shift Emissions is one of those rare joys, an electronica record that is instantly loveable, yet one that reveals more with every listen. Christ., the saviour of UK electronica? You better believe it." - Popmatters

"... Blue Shift Emissions is highly likeable, perhaps because of its essentially familiar elements ... But for all that Blue Shift Emissions doesn't feel tired or retro - its nostalgia is actually refreshing." - The Wire

" ... the result is an 11-song album that seems to get better as it goes, the more so because the songs all aim for being distinct pieces rather than simply one constant progression into another." - Billboard

"... [is] such a marvellous, fully-rounded piece of work it could serve as an electronic standard for other would-be composers to regard as an ideal model ..." - Textura

"Christ.s real skill is in his lightness of touch. Deft strokes, swathes, echoes, and pulses give this, his second long playing offering, a playful warmth which of late has been driven from so much electronic music in favour of a brutal fashionista stomp of curt, clinical strokes ..." - The List


Benbecula Records

Benbecula Records is most successful electronica label in Scotland and in recent years has broadened its roster to include indie, jazz and modern folk. Started in 1999, it was an immediate favourite of the late great John Peel who had Benbecula's artist "Christ." in for landmark live session in 2003.

The label maintains a highly successful subscription service featuring its "Minerals Series" - highly limited monthly CD albums containing music that would otherwise not see the light of day, further enhancing the label's wish to reach the public on every level. In 2005, Benbecula Music Publishing was formed to promote its signed roster in advertising, film and television.

Benbecula remains a formidable global force in modern music, staying a step ahead of its peers by daring where others fear to tread.

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I would've loved to go to this, Christ is brilliant.

Alas, i have a band practice in Elgin. Think i'll miss Strike the Colours as well :(

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