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[GIG] Emma Pollock @ Kef

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Cancelled. According to the note on the door (and I may be paraphrasing slightly) due to "astounding lack of communication between musician and promoters... EP". Or words to that effect.

'Astounding lack of communication between venue and promoter'

is what it actually said!



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Ooh. I was close. One different protagonist and not so many promoters. But close.

Still as annoying, but slightly different.

ETA: Ah. Emma writes on her own website. Copy and paste.

A thousand apologies to all who turned up for the Aberdeen show on Saturday 12th May. We drove up there only to find that the venue had no idea there was a gig on even though One Up Records had been selling tickets 2 doors down! No idea what lies behind the whole thing but needless to say we were extremely dissapointed and not a little bit annoyed and had to go find something else to do.

Im waiting to hear if the gig may be rescheduled or not and will post another blog as soon as I know.

Sorry again hope to get up to Aberdeen another time soon.

Emma Pollock

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