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Lucky shot

2x10 guitar cab

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Now this is rather special! Custom Cabtex cabinets are built to order and loaded as requested from the customer, and the builder is ex-Matamp cabinet builder Peter Bennett. The Cabtex brand is exclusive to Triplegrove cabinet


This lovely little 2 x 10" is a dovetailed pine cabinet with black tolex covering and a basket weave grille, this one is loaded with 2 x 60w Celestion G10 Vintage cones, wired for 16 ohms. I have used this with my 50watt Matamp valve head (NOT fully cranked) and the sound is devine, very clean and pure indeed, perfect for studio recording and live blues work.

The Vintage G10's are a very popular cone and coupled with a custom built cab like this you have an excellent high end unit which really does reflect the quality of the amp being used through it and there is little in the way of added "colour" to the sound.

As you can see the cab is a squat form and not a monster to carry around, it measures 24.5" wide x 12.5" deep and 14.5" tall including rubber feet.

When i bought this cab i was told "This one was built for a pro musician who is now off to Spain and this cab never did get used. So you are getting a new custom cabtex cab, very nice indeed!"

The cab would cost 375 ex VAT to buy new and it still has the price label and hang tag attached. So this is a genuine and rare chance to add a very nice cab to your set up.

The only negative i can say about this cab is that, there is one small tear in the cover which is on the back and is very small.

Some pics follow, they were taken with my phone so not the best quality.

I am looking for around 250 but am open to offers. I live in Aberdeen near the city center. Thanks



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sorry should have said, there is a back plate that is usually on it but took it off to take a pic of the inside.

The cable jack is attached to the back tho so i think its spose to say closed. you can see it sitting ontop in the 2nd photo with the wire connected to the speakers.

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