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It is womens' fault that TV is rubbish

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Completely agree. TV is full of complete rubbish these days (even more soaps, reality TV shows etc) and who watches most of it? Women - that's who. If no-one watched it then they wouldn't keep showing it.

Sexist? I don't care. :p

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excuse me but......

its not about whos watching the drivel. but rather who is creating it. possibly one of the worst things on telly is hollyoaks...and its all down to one man ---PHIL REDMOND

its trash!!!

Surely if no-one watched, advertising revenues would drop and the networks wouldnt put them on ? Therefore it is down to people watching it

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...Doctor Who, Top Gear, Channel 4 docs and re-runs of Alan Partridge.

All shit :p

I agree about Sky Sports News though. Do they not report the exact same stuff on the sports section of Sky News anyway?

I find that most British made shows are complete shite anyways. Which is why I only really stick to shows like Lost, 24, The Simpsons and Jericho.

Rab C Nesbit?

No thanks! :laughing:

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