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Guitar Player (and singer maybe) would be nice?


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yo, I'm looking to form a new band. It'll be like an alternative metal band i guess.

I have a bass player (me), and a drummer already.

I don't really have a full blown plan i guess.

Kinda like a muse style with a bit of riff based stuff maybe. I need a guitar player capable of doing some awesome guitar. . which will incorperate lots of styles.

It would be ace if said guitar player could make some awesome sounds.

I also would like a vocalist. Would need to be able to do a varied range of vocal styles. Like melodic to screaming maybe. Even better if the Guitarist could do vocals.

The drummer and myself wouldnt mind doing vocals neither.

I wouldn't mind having a full blown singer and single guitar player. its all good. like isaid, i have no real full blown plan.

Age or sex aint to important. Myself and the drummer are both 18, so someone around that age would be good.

PM me, answer here or email me mudvayne_ratm_audioslave(at)hotmail(dot)com

cheers :up:

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